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It is a wonderful travel bag for shoes receiving.It”s design of waterproof material can be taken to travel the beach and so on.Your logos are welcomed to be printed.In this way,it”s a real good promotional and pratical gift.

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Assist the it material works first, material is imported high quality waterproof material oh ~ ~ is very humanized zone has a laptop. Oh ~ ~2. Introduce the inside bag, bag is divided into three layers, the first layer is the belt mesh, can put a pair of shoes, the second layer is a small mesh bag, can put a simple thin shoes, such as slippers ~ ~ the last layer is the place where can place a second pair of shoes, also have a lid, covered shoes can lift up and block dust, also can from the following shoes a separated into two case, place your shoes shoes apart oh ~. ~ ~ isn”t it great3. Design of waterproof material, can be taken to travel, the beach, and so on oh ~ ~ can be placed inside the clothes can be received as a travel bag

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