bamboo charcoal music cervical pillow


bamboo charcoal music cervical pillow for your health and safety.

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Special music playback high-fidelity double track lunch break, in your module, travel long distances, office, weekend afternoon for music pillow, generic interface to access your mobile phone or MP3 players, such as can be a pleasant music in your ear around, according to the volume of the human engineering, which set the oneself, and entertainment doesn´t bother others, long-distance travel bored, will directly into a laptop or 3.5 interface on cell phones, and then play their favorite movies, let you into the home theater immediately the hi-fi enjoy, cervical pillow nate some active charcoal, also can promote the blood circulation, cervical you peculiar to the release of bamboo charcoal far infrared function can also relieve your neck ache, after a day on the neck of removing your fatigue. Because this product selected materials are for environmental quality of a material, very suitable for broadcast an unborn baby music.

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